Wir müssen über die Polizei reden

Monday, 13 December

We need to talk about the police

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13.12. - 18h30 We need to talk about the police
register for the web-link via e-mail to: ohne_polizei@riseup.net
Event in German, translation into English is possible

An event of "without police" as guest of 4lthangrund
Presence 2G+ (vaccinated or recovered and additionally PCR 48h max.) Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna - 4th floor core C -, barrier-free access possible, barrier-free loo available. Details or questions about the room / how to get there etc. -> 4lle@riseup.net

On the occasion of this date we want to talk about and listen to different experiences about and against police structures.

The very existence of the police as a monopoly of violence and power ensures repression, the maintenance and reproduction of inequalities and property relations, promotes and protects sexist and racist ways of acting, discrimination against minorities, oppression, restriction and despotism. Moreover, the police cost a hell of a lot of money! Money, which can be used by a redistribution to other areas of society (education, social issues, prevention work, health, ...) in order to limit alleged areas of responsibility of the police and its area of operation and finally to abolish it. The reforms of the police do not lead to the elimination of the basic problem of an unequal distribution of power, which operates oppression, discrimination and exploitation. It is an essential part of a hierarchical structure that ensures the maintenance of the capitalist, racist and patriarchal system. Through community-based responsibility in the course of autonomous self-management, there is no need for a monopoly of power or police. We work for a society that functions without oppression and violence. There are possibilities to organize ourselves in society, for this there are also lived forms of practice, which are already practiced in the here and now. The model of community accountability is an example of what such self-governance can look like (https://www.transformativejustice.eu/en/ ). A common different understanding and practice of justice and social solidarity with each other is possible.

We invited some groups and people for inputs on experiences with and about police structures and utopias (without police).

Timetable: 18h30 Inputs from „ohne Polizei“ / Anti-Repressionsbüro / IBK Antirep / abolish Frontex / Pushback Alarm Österreich
And discussion afterwards

We also want to refer to the manifestation against Frontex and borders on 18.12.2021 at the demo at the square of human rights at 13h in Vienna.

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Monday, 13 December, 2021 - 18:30


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Augasse 2-6
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4th floor, Sector C / Kern C
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