Vorbereitungstreffen der Wien Gruppe: für eine Zapatistische Delegation in Österreich

Thursday, 11 February

Vorbereitungstreffen der Wien Gruppe: für eine Zapatistische Delegation in Österreich

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Organizing meeting of the Vienna Group: for a Zapatista delegation in AustriaThursday - 11.02. 19h online mail to bibliomediatake@riseup.net for the web-linkThis summer, a delegation of 120 Zapatistas from Mexico, most of them women, accompanied by 40 representatives of the Indigenous National Congress and indigenous environmental organizations, plans to visit Europe.The Zapatistas want to meet with the 'Europe from below' - that is, with people, groups and initiatives that act against capitalism and patriarchy, who are also building a different world. Left and from below.At the moment, committees are forming all over Europe to coordinate this important contact between Global South and Global North. This is also the case in Austria, where a broad alliance of organizations and individuals is in the making. E.g. in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz, Graz, at Peršmanhof in the south of Carinthia, in Burgenland, etc. Experiences from last summer regarding Covid_19 - safe events will be incorporated into this planning.Come to the preparation meeting if you are interested in gettinginvolved. Bring along befriended collectives and groups. Share theinformation about the planned visit.A lot of donations and collective effort is needed to make the journey possible.open e-mail-distribution for the ösi-wide planning:


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Thursday, 11 February, 2021 - 19:00

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