social exchange/physical distance meets Bildung Brennt

Tuesday, 9 February

social exchange/physical distance meets Bildung Brennt

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Come by // social exchange/physical distance 
<< 2m distance / hut in public space / mask >>> 
// a covid_19 suitable info meeting in the context of the lecture activity
at and from 4lthangrund/öh.akbild // space for social exchange and

Lectures are always open to all people, no matter if they are students or

Where? hut in front of the old WU - Augasse 2-6, 1090 vienna
Station Lichtenwerderplatz up the steps next to the bakery. Right in front
of the main entrance to the universities

What? The pandemic is nibbling away at mental and social health. While the
shopping center has long been buzzing again, the spaces for social
interaction continue to be massively restricted. In the context of the
lecture/info meeting series, various groups and initiatives will come by
and present their work. A space for exchange - at a distance and in the
open - is created. 

The next dates are:
Tuesday 09.02. 15h - 20h Bildung Brennt
Bildung Brennt is a new network/platform of different groups that work
together for free access to education and against possible negative
developments. Bildung Brennt was formed at the end of 2020 due to the
upcoming amendment to the University Act (#ugNOvelle). The platform wants
to prevent the dismantling of democratic structures, political
intervention in independent educational structures and the worsening of
the situation for employees and students. There are now several regional
groups and working groups throughout Austria. Within the last weeks there
have been several actions, a petition with more than 25.000 signatures as
well as demonstrations in several cities, where people have been
demonstrating with distance and masks. Activists from Bildung Brennt will
be on site on 09.02. to talk about their plans, the current situation and
the concrete next steps.

Friday 12.02. 15h - 20h Kaleidoscope
The Kaleidoscope is a queer_feminist "Freiraum" in the 5th district. 
The group organizes a self-organized space for people who want to relax,
celebrate, work, network, live, read, play, make music, learn, drink tea
and give free rein to their creativity, away from consumerism, the
pressure to perform, (hetero)normativity and other social mechanisms of
pressure and discrimination.
This space has been closed for several months due to Covid_19 like many
other places of social interaction. Activists of the place are present at
the meeting. There is space to get to know each other, exchange ideas, and

Appointments 4lthangrund see: 

COVID_19 - keep the distance - 2 meters distance to not related or not
household connected people. Please wear a mask. 

accessible = in this context: there is a wheelchair accessible entrance -
directions here:,
There is a wheelchair accessible restroom on site. The one outside is
accessible without any other hurdles. The wheelchair accessible restroom
inside the building requires a Euro-Key (this can be obtained from the
doorman if necessary) and a change to another floor.

This is a university event within the framework of the ÖH.Akbild and
course activity.

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Date & Time: 

Tuesday, 9 February, 2021 - 15:00 to 20:00


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Augasse 2-6
1090 Wien


4th floor, Sector C / Kern C

4lthangrund is an initiative of residents of the area, students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the TU Spatial Planning and other dedicated people and groups. We have room at the old WU which can also be used by others.


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