FILMABENDEND: Iraqi Autumn (Kurzfilme)

Thursday, 23 July

FILMABENDEND: Iraqi Autumn (Kurzfilme)

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2 short movies by Iraqi Autumn. Q&A with the makers afterwards.

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peaceful سلمية
( i wish that children Cancer treatment will be as available as the teargas grenades we are being bombarded with)

An experimental film that talks about the period of revolution in Iraq and sheds light on the facts hidden in the media. And urges that the demands of the protesters be taken into account

Created by
Muha Nad Rasheed


Two friends were at the protests in Baghdad on Friday. They are searching for their stolen freedom. About their rights. And suddenly they found themselves alone in the dark. They talked about what had happened.

It is a kind of comparison between the Black Friday most people know and another Black Friday elsewhere.
Capital and the exploitation of the human spirit is turned into a commodity or machine that can be easily exploited.
Capitalism and politics have made people forget others and think only of themselves in order to survive.

Created by
Hussein Waham

Date & Time: 

Thursday, 23 July, 2020 - 17:30


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