AwA_wien - … Sicherheit? Emanzipatorische Sicherheit!

Thursday, 7 May

AwA_wien - … safety? Emancipatory safety!

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... safety? Emancipatory safety! 12.5. 17h

Workshop 17 - 21h / maximum 26 persons / 4h / german & english / registration via: required

When we talk about awareness, we often talk about creating a secure framework for a common togetherness. The concept of safety is an ambivalent one. Safety is often used and thought in the context of surveillance, control and repressive action. The term  has been used and coined in recent years to a large extent by the extreme right. For us, however, borders, cameras or controls in public spaces are nothing that make the world a safer place. They are processes that destroy, damage and suppress life. In contrast, we think it is important to set a conceptual counter-concept. Because for us, safety means a shared sense of well-being, it means a world without oppression, capitalism and patriarchy! But how can we approach this other, emancipatory safety?
In the workshop, we will examine the meaning of the term " safety", and in small groups we will shed light on different aspects of the topic. Using practical examples such as the narrative that "the night is an unsafe place" or self-governed places are defined as "danger zones", we will consider how counter-narratives and our own examples can be used to convey a different approach to safety. Finally, we present each other with sketches of examples that allow for a different counter-narration to the concept.


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Thursday, 7 May, 2020 - 17:00 to 21:00


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