4lthangrund for All - cyber hangout

Wednesday, 8 April

4lthangrund for All - cyber hangout

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Com to the "4lthangrund für alle"-Cyber-Hangout! We need to stay in touch. Even though we should stay inside, we can still see each other. We, as a neighbourhood initiative, don't work without personal exchange. Although our internal meetings are still happening regularly, we had to cancel many events at Wolke, that should have taken place soon. We still want to meet up and that's why we invite all of you to join us for a cyber hang out. We can just talk, exchange opinions, say hi real quickly or stay long. We will try to listen to music together and find out what life in cyber space could be like. The web tool we are planing on using is jitsi. Very userfriendly and no account needed. You can meet us in:https://meet.it-kollektiv.com/4lthangrund-Kitchen https://meet.it-kollektiv.com/4lthangrund-wohnzimmerwolke https://meet.it-kollektiv.com/4lthangrund-printer_room For streaming music together we want to use cytube. Click the link:   https://cytu.be/r/4lthangrund We start at 7pm.CEST

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Wednesday, 8 April, 2020 - 19:00


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digital place for 4ll - cloud space

4lthangrund is an initiative of residents of the area, students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the TU Spatial Planning and other dedicated people and groups. We have room at the old WU which can also be used by others.


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