Przyjedź - leśny obóz w Bieszczadach!

Saturday, 1 August to Saturday, 15 August

Join our forest camp!

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The third summer camp of the Wild Carpathians Initiative has started. We invite you to join and help us protect one of the last pristine European mountain forests!

If you’d like to spend some time in the midst of wild nature, taking action in an important cause among interesting and friendly people, learning new skills or perhaps teaching something you know, get involved in a bottom-up movement advocating for better protection of the old-growth mountain forests – come and join our summer camp!

What should you expect?
We patrol nearby forest daily to collect data about forest degradation and organize activities aimed at protecting old Carpathian forests. In addition to field activities, we also organized workshops, educational walks and meetings with biologists, happenings, and direct actions. We invite you to co-create this community and the social movement for protection of the wild Carpathians.

You can come any time during the camp period (August 1-16), but try to stay at least 3-4 days, so that you can get familiar with the Initiative and get involved in specific activities. Because the camp is a fully civic initiative, based on the voluntary work of all participants, its power comes primarily from the desire to act and create together. Certainly these are not relax-only holidays spent with a book or a summer festival, but an active time filled with tasks in the forest and around the camp.

We live in simple conditions (sleep in tents), there is a stream at your fingertips, wolves and bears and Aesculapian snakes roaming somewhere around.

If you’d like to join, write to us at:
Write a few words about yourself and ask if you have questions. We will answer and let you know the details about the place, what to take with you, how to get there, etc.

We also invite you to participate in live and online information meetings, about which we will write on our Facebook page. Would you like to help us organize such a meeting in your area? Write to us!

The Wild Carpathians Initiative is a social movement and has been working for the protection of the Carpathian forests for three years.
Why is this important? There are very few old-growth, wild forests left in Europe. The Carpathian Forest - covering the Bieszczady Mountains, the Low Beskids, and the Przemyśl Foothills - is one of the last such places. In the age of climate disaster, we need it more than ever. And yet, more and more intensive cutting takes place on site, even 200-year-old trees are logged, and new roads are being created to transport tree trunks. Cutting down old mountain forests has disastrous effects on biodiversity, climate and flood protection. We can advocate for its better protection, it is not too late. The forest often brings us joy and hope, now let's defend it.

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Saturday, 1 August, 2020 (All day) to Saturday, 15 August, 2020 (All day)

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