ACAB Fest | Dni Antywięzienne | Urodziny Szpili

Friday, 29 September to Saturday, 30 September

ACAB Fest | Dni Antywięzienne | Urodziny Szpili

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Save the date! The best anti-repression event of the year is coming! ACAB Fest crew, Warsaw Anarchist Black Cross and Szpila Collective are joining forces to invite you to a two-day event:

Against the police
Against prisons
Against repression

Discussions, movies, exchange of experiences and skills. Plus benefit knits, acab-anti-prison-Spila merch, unique concerts (raps!), improvised theatre and dance. All in the climate of reclaiming the streets.

Against the police, because it is not true that only black sheep or rotten apples do violence in the police. It is the whole institution that is rotten, and its existence and position are based on violence and impunity.

Against prisons, because to say that they serve to protect people is a myth. Prisons serve to control society, control by the fear that one day we will find ourselves on the other side of the bars.

Against repression, because we will not let ourselves be intimidated. We will always act for a better world, and stand in solidarity to defend ourselves. You will never walk alone is not an empty slogan. It is an idea that we put into practice.

The summer and autumn of 2023 in Poland are marked by an election campaign. Besides programme promises, politicians are competing to find public enemies. We do not know who will become enemy number 1 this time, but together we want to build solidarity structures that will survive any – even the most absurd – idea on their part. That is why the event is not only a benefit for each of the three teams (ACAB fest, ABC, Szpila). It is a benefit for wider anti-repression activities. In cities, in small towns, on the polish-belarusian border.

More info will be coming soon!

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Friday, 29 September, 2023 - 17:00 to Saturday, 30 September, 2023 - 23:55


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