Haft feministyczny: nie mów do mnie mała! /Rozkwity

Sunday, 19 September

Haft feministyczny: nie mów do mnie mała! /Rozkwity

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cat calling, street harassment, verbal violence against girls and women is everywhere: on the street, party, at school, work, train or bus. everyday our borders are crossed, social acceptance created by patriarchal culture still blaming women.
"smile, baby, why being so sad"
"nice boobs, sweatheart"
"would totally bang you"

how to react to such words? at embroidery workshops, we're gonna embroil on our tshirts or anything you want to show your resentment on. anything in the opposition to everyday violence and sexist comments. we'll talk about ideas for retorts, counteracting, or different ways of dealing with such situations.

the workshop is for beginners - you will learn basic embroidery stitches - as well as for people who know about the hoop, chain or French knot. there will be needles, threads, hoops (bring your own if you have one!). also bring your tshirt, material or other item you want to embroider on!

workshops will lead Weronka and her already-done projects you can find over here: https://www.instagram.com/rozkwity
the discussion is planned to be in Polish mostly.

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Sunday, 19 September, 2021 - 12:00 to 15:00


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  • feminism embroidery


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ADA Puławska
Puławska 37
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A.D.A. PUŁAWSKA is alternative space located in Warsaw, acting as an autonomous socio-cultural center. A.D.A.PUŁAWSKA relies entirely on grass-roots social activity.


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