Kobieca rewolucja w Rojavie i globalny feministyczny sojusz na rzecz żywej utopii

Friday, 10 September

Kobieca rewolucja w Rojavie i globalny feministyczny sojusz na rzecz żywej utopii

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Women‘s revolution in Rojava and a global feminist alliance for living utopias In North-and Eastsyria a social alternative based on selforganization, gender liberation and ecology is being built. The kurdish women‘s movement plays a crucial role in the establishment of an autonomous women‘s selforganization. Women‘s communes, the alternative science „Jineolojî“, the women‘s village JINWAR, centres for justice, culture and health of women or women‘s cooperatives are just some examples for what is built in the region. As this feminist alternative is threatened from all sides, an autonomous selfdefense against patriarchal attacks is essential for it.


Comrades from Germany who have been in North-and Eastsyria and who organize in the campaign „Women Defend Rojava“ will be here and tell about their experiences in North- and Eastsyria. Afterwards we want to discuss about it‘s perspective for our fights and for internationalist feminism.

No Borders Warszawa, ADA Puławska, Kurdystan.info, Warszawa dla Rojavy

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Friday, 10 September, 2021 - 19:00


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