Barricade at Run-up to International Women's Day

Saturday, 6 March

Barricade at Run-up to International Women's Day

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Coming weekend our Barricade To Go will be on Saturday instead of Sunday!

We will join the Feminist Demonstration in Julianapark from 15:00 with our veggies, books and zines!

So join us there in struggle and solidarity!

A las barricadas!


Info about the Run-Up to International Women's Day


organized by:
Revolutionaire Eenheid, Women for Filipino Women and Children (WOW), Migrante Utrecht, niet normaal* and No More Later (IG account: NO.MORE.LATER)

Last year a group of feminists gathered on the streets of Utrecht to mark a day in the run-up for International Women’s Day on 8M for the first time since 5 years, the weekend before the first Dutch lockdown. Since then our lives and our communities have been shaken by the Covid-19 pandemic, continuing and deepening our struggle for liberation. Lockdowns and recession have worsened and inflamed the inequalities and oppressions we were already facing. However, even if we have to physically distance ourselves from each other, we feel stronger than ever how we are connected to each other and to the world, that our struggles are interconnected. Our feminism means nothing if it is not intersectional and anti-capitalist.

We will gather together and invite you to join us in our fight for all women and girls in the world, because as long as patriarchy and rape culture exist, we are at war. In the words of Maya Angelou:
no one of us can be free, until everybody is free

Solidarity brings us together against the walls built around us, against the imposed fear of the abusers, of the transphobes, of the rape culture that still imbues our societies and blames the victim while excusing the perpetrator
Solidarity because I believe you!
Solidarity with those of us who are under the thumb of patriarchy, who think our bodies are reproductive machines and that abortion is a sin
Solidarity to build bridges between those of us who fought the gendered order and ended up behind bars
Solidarity to help up those who fell along the way until we can all stand together and strong
Solidarity so that we do not have to utter another ‘Ni una menos’ anywhere, again
Solidarity until all women, non-binary and queer people have equal rights and opportunities
Solidarity until sex workers are no longer stigmatized everywhere and can work in safe conditions
Solidarity until migration is no longer a crime and refugees are welcome here

For all the times our friends, neighbors and lovers shared another story of gendered violence
For all the times we were told we live in a progressive country while sexual assault was lurking around the corner
For all the times we were scared to walk alone at night
For all the times Muslim communities were made into scapegoats
For all the times homophobia has stifled our voices while our prides have transformed into huge colorful billboards to advertise financial products
For all the times kissing her in public became some dude’s heteronormative sexual fantasy
For all the times we have been misgendered
For all the times home has felt as an unsafe place
For all the times we have been exploited and devalued as workers or even entirely dehumanized because of our gender, origin or sexual orientation

We struggle! And we struggle in solidarity. Because it is an act of political disobedience, it is interwoven in our fight for emancipation and the legacy of the international feminist movement we wish to honor during International Women’s Day today. Solidarity is not just a word we like to use, it is the fabric of our struggles and the fuel of our resistances. Because for us it translates into moral, material and political support to everyone affected by sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and misogyny regardless of the color of their skin, where they come from, who they love or what they believe.

Solidarity for all the reasons of the world until light touches surfaces, all surfaces…

with militant love,
your local feminists

Are you a bigot, a T.E.R.F. (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist)
or a F.A.R.T. (Feminism Appropriating Radical Transphobe)?
If you are one of the above, please don’t come

supported by:
Taste Before You Waste, the Barricade and the Basic Activist Kitchen

Full Program TBA



We are still looking into ways to improve the accessibility for this event and will post more information beginning next week. On the day itself, there is an access team for extra support.
For now, if you have any questions or specific needs, feel free to send us a DM or an email to


Covid-19 measures and protest during pandemic

The historic number of people showing up in solidarity to BLM last summer has shown us here in Utrecht too that it is possible to gather in protest, while being safe from getting sick. Even with the mutation, the virus doesn’t spread so easy outdoors. We announced a march to the municipality, believing it is possible to do so in a safe way. They did not allow us under the current conditions, but we did receive permission for a “static” demonstration, something we understand is a manifestation, with the puzzling instructions that it cannot bear any similarity to an event. Our lawyer says there is nothing we can do, except for filing a court case that we would have little chance of winning. We do not want to put our communities at risk for arrest, so we changed our plans and obliged.

In collaboration with the police, the municipality keeps tight control on the rules for demonstration, saying they are worried about safety and anti-corona trouble makers. We like to state for the record: none of the organizers participated in anti-corona protests, but some of us have our questions, worries and objections about the measures imposed in the name of the virus. When it comes to the familiar reason of “safety”, which is what Dutch municipalities always say they worry about before corona too, we know we are better trained and better off to protect ourselves, than those they send to check on us.

We have been actively estimating the crowd number and forming a reliable space keepers group. Here are reminders for keeping each other safe.

If you feel under the weather, please don’t take the risk and join us on the live stream.
We suggest not to travel across the cities. Join your local run-up and protest.
Check on the newest updates of our accounts for any info related to the regulations.

If you plan to join, we ask you to respect the following house rules:
- respect each other’s space, keep your distance and ask for consent before you touch someone (think for yourself: we know there will be people who are hugging again, like when you move in each other’s households or have received vaccination)
- wear a mask
- satanize your hands (there will be sanitizer available on a few locations on the field)
- If someone or something bothers you that you cannot resolve, please talk to one of our volunteers in the fluor vests

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Saturday, 6 March, 2021 - 15:00


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