Free Vegetables Market: The Barricade in the Park!

Sunday, 12 July

Free Vegetables Market: The Barricade in the Park!

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Free vegetables market + MORE 

In the past four months we've been delivering weekly vegetables boxes around the city, making available loads of perfectly fine veggies to anybody needing it.

Food is a human right and not a product for profit of supermarket chains!

On Sunday 12th we're going to do a bigger free veggies market in the park!

And it's not only about that. We would also like to use the occasion to put out again our zine stand and to bring back some moments of collectiveness. Because in a society that wants us isolated not just now, but even when there’s no necessity of physical distance, it's necessary to create spaces to connect and collectivise thoughts, and now more than ever.

We'll be in Julianapark on Sunday 12th from 4pm onwards and there will be zines, veggies, and some snacks. Keeping it safe of course!
Join us there!

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Sunday, 12 July, 2020 - 16:00


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