Alle Dagen Ui - A Graphic Novel on Foreign Detention

Cancelled: Sunday, 22 March

Alle Dagen Ui - A Graphic Novel on Foreign Detention

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'Alle dagen ui' (yet to be published in English) tells the true story of Saied, a man who sought political asylum in the Netherlands. Immediately upon arrival Saied was imprisoned in a detention facility at Schiphol airport, where he was kept for 14 months. Within the rules of this oppressive system he discovered a way to resist the prison regime and the bullying of the guards. After his release, B.Carrot wrote and illustrated the graphic novel 'Alle dagen ui' in close collaboration with Saied.

Both Saied and B.Carrot will be at the Barricade to talk about the book, the process of making it, and sharing experiences and information of foreign detention in the Netherlands. Books will be available for sale as well as an option for signed copies.

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As usual for the Barricade Sundays, we will be open from 4pm with a library full of books and zines, and there will be an anti-foodwaste vegan dinner for donation at 7pm.

At dinner we will be collecting donations for Zig Zag Kitchen, a solidarity kitchen serving warm meals to refugees in Brussels. More info:



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Sunday, 22 March, 2020 - 17:00


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