Feminist Gathering

Sunday, 8 March

Feminist Gathering

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Patriarchy has always been inherently part to the capitalist system we are currently stuck in. It generates profit for the few, puts and keeps bodies with a specific gender, race and/or class in positions of power and it establishes and reproduces an extremely exploitative and violent society

Inspired by the new wave of feminist struggle that has erupted globally we think it’s crucial to see all these systems of oppression as interlinked. We therefore feel the urge to find ways to develop and use anticapitalist and intersectional theory and practices to strenghten the feminist mobilization at a local level, in the city we live in every day.

On Sunday 8th of march we will gather at 17:30 to take some time to reflect together on the week-end mobilizations, on the feminist movement - in the The Netherlands and in Utrecht - and on how to put anticapitalst decolonial feminism into practice in the city. The aim of this gathering is mainly to share struggles, each coming from our own bodies and contexts, and think about how to build a truly grassroots and autonomous basis for a stronger mobilization in Utrecht that goes beyond the 8th of March itself.

If you find yourself looking for other feminists in the city and are eager to discuss these matters, please join us.

And don't forget to join us for the Feminist March in Utrecht on Saturday 7th! More info: https://www.indymedia.nl/node/47433


As usual for the Barricade Sundays, we will be open from 4pm with a library full of books and zines, and there will be an anti-foodwaste vegan dinner for donation at 7pm.

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Sunday, 8 March, 2020 - 17:30


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