Info and Benefit for the Squatters of the Tweebosbuurt

Sunday, 26 January

Info and Benefit for the Squatters of the Tweebosbuurt

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Coming Sunday people active in the defense of the Tweebosbuurt neighbourhood will come to The Barricade to talk about what is going on there and raise donations in support of their cause.

Tweebosbuurt is a neighborhood in the Afrikaanderwijk district, which is mostly inhabited by descendants of migrants from North-Africa, and situated in the South of Rotterdam, nearby the city center. There are four blocks of small buildings surrounding public parks and gardens. This disctrict has been gentrified for years already, mostly due to the highly increasing rent in the rest of Rotterdam which is leading students and white yuppies to settle in, and then to reclaim pacification of one of the last alive neighborhood of the city. The city council has decided to take this issue seriously. The next step for the gentrification of Afrikaanderwijk is the demolition of the totality of Tweebosbuurt. We’re speaking here about 600 houses and shops, almost 25000m2. 535 of these are ruled by Vestia, a private social renter which is mandated by the city council of Rotterdam to make this giant “social plan” a reality. Vestia is paid 24M euros only for the eviction itself, not including the price of the demolition and reconstruction. 

They're calling to anyone who wants to get involved against one of the most aggressive forms of gentrification; to try and prevent the imminent demolition of hundreds of buildings, to inhabit them with those who still refuse to leave; in a working class suburb of several tens of thousand square meters where hundreds of houses are already empty. It is also an emergency call: the deadline is in the upcoming months, perhaps even in the upcoming weeks.

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Sunday, 26 January, 2020 - 17:00


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Voorstraat 71
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