DIY: A collective toolbox against the supermarkets

Sunday, 1 December

DIY: A collective toolbox against the supermarkets

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This year we will be celebrating our 3rd anniversary on Sunday the 1st of December, and we are planning a full day of events, from vegan brunch to talks, workshops and music!


There's no reflection without practice!

As we deepen our reflections, and as we shout louder against the supermarkets, the industrial chain of food production and the capitalist system they represent, in our struggle for autonomy, the more we can make without them, the better it will be.

It's for this reason that we deem necessary to start learning back the knowledge that we have lost, to prove to ourselves that we can do things autonomously and reduce our dependency from the supermarkets.

We don't want to start a "zero-waste" blog or something like that, we can no longer confront these problems as individual problems, where the only people that will be able to afford this will be the lucky few that have time to spare. We want to do this collectively and support each other in the process.


As a start on this path of collectivizing this DIY toolbox, we will be hosting two workshops:

- How to make hand soap and dishwashing soap

- How to make plant-based burgers

Join us!


How to make hand soap and dish-washing soap

In our effort to strive for autonomy and detach ourselves from the oppressive capitalistic chains of production, a central role is played by self-production and its collectivization.

It is crucial to reclaim those knowledges and competences that are getting lost, and which can help loosen our dependency from supermarkets, while making it possible to turn polluting waste -such as used cooking oil- into a necessary product - such as soap!
In doing so, we can make a step towards overcoming the alienation that comes with the infinite choice of unnecessary and unsustainable products that we are exposed to daily, as well as towards reconnecting with the ingredients and the production of goods we tend to buy without a clue about their origin and composition, which are most likely the results of human and land expolitation.
We believe that self-production cannot represent a solid alternative to the capitalistic industrialized system, if it is not collectivized. Self-production should be accessible to everyone, not only of the few privileged people that have time to spare. 
For this reason, we think it is crucial to create a space where self-production is collective and where we can support each other in the process.

The essentiality of soap strenghens the need for an inclusive and accessible self-production, which can not only account for basic body-care, but which can also be used as a basis for other daily-use products.
In the workshop, we will prepare together soap bars from scratch (using only caustic soda, water and vegetable oil). We will also turn self-produced soap into dishwashing soap and laundry soap.

If you can - bring gloves and a scarf to protect yourself! If you can't - don't worry, we will provide some! 

Join us! Cause getting your hands dirty becomes so much easier when you have soap!


Shifting to a plant-based diet is a demand-side solution to global warming that runs counter to the meat-centric Western diet on the rise globally.


How to make plant-based burgers

Plant-based burgers weren’t created with vegans and vegetarians in mind. But they’re cheering for the trend anyway. What started as a market-product to target the “flexitarians”, has made it easier for many people to get accustomed to a plant-based diet.  Bringing about dietary change is not simple because firstly, eating is profoundly personal and cultural, and secondly, we mostly depend on and wait for the market to make the plant-based options available for us. Most supermarkets in Utrecht are already aware of the rising demand for vegan products, but the new plant-based substitutes can mostly be afforded by people with a higher income.  In the strive for autonomy, we are making a plant-based burger ourselves, based on cheap ingredients to make a plant-based diet available for everyone!  Plant-based burgers are not rocket science. Stop consuming that which is made for you, and start making it yourself!

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Sunday, 1 December, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:15


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