The December Revolution in Sudan

Sunday, 17 November

The December Revolution in Sudan

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On 19 December 2018, the Sudanese people initiated a revolution against their country’s oppressive dictatorship, a 30 years-long military regime. The fight for freedom, peace, justice, and a civilian government has been ongoing ever since, culminating with the end of President and Military Leader Omar al-Bashir’s rule in April 2019.

However, the revolution is far from being over. The Sudanese people are still fighting for a government composed of civilians to replace the military board that still governs the country.
While the events unfold, there are many questions that remain unclear or are tendentiously narrated by mainstream media. What are the concrete reasons why people in Sudan started to demonstrate? Who is the military council and why was a military board established after al-Bashir’s dismissal? What is the current status of the Sudanese Revolution?

On 17th November, two Sudanese speakers will dig into this and further questions about the December revolution. There will also be a photo exhibition on the Sudanese Revolution, capturing the key moments of the uprising.

This will be in the usual context of our Barricade Sundays, so we will be open from 4pm with a library full of books and zines, and there will be an anit-foodwaste vegan dinner for donation at 7pm.

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Sunday, 17 November, 2019 - 17:00


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