Anarchism in Myanmar: Social Justice Yangon

Sunday, 13 January

Anarchism in Myanmar: Social Justice Yangon

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This Sunday at the Barricade we'll host a a student activist from Myanmar (Burma) and one of the founders of Social Justice Yangon.

He will be speaking about current political situation of Myanmar and the movements of anarchist collectives in Yangon.
Part of the talk will be about the longest civil war in the world. 70 years of fighting between ethnic armed forces and the ruling military have created the bloodbath of the innocent. Within these decades, the war on ethnic insurgency has been sparse as entering the 20th century.
In 2011, the government has launched the major offensive attacks on the insurgents with a purpose to force them to sign the uneven cease-fire agreement. Since then, the fighting has been going on and ordinary people from the conflict zones are being trapped between the two forces. For years, they have been running away from shells and miserably living their lives in IDP (internally displaced person) camps, and some on the other side of the border. The war on insurgents has gotten worse day by day. Unbelievably, by the end of 2016, the government has declared to prohibit all the humanitarian aids for the IDPs.
He will present the above mentioned topics based on related political situation and the struggles of the ground activists.

After the talk, audience will be allowed to ask questions and he will be answering on behalf of the radical activists. Contents will be shared at the end and the audience can build network with their group to follow the updates or to create solidarity movements in the future.

This is truly a rare occasion to meet with a ground activist from Myanmar. For those who have interests and want to follow the news of this so-called new born democratic country also known as quasi-military dictatorship regime, we suggest you not to miss this chance!

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Sunday, 13 January, 2019 - 17:45


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