Athletics Klub - limited spots, sign up needed

Tuesday, 28 September

Athletics Klub - limited spots, sign up needed

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Each Tuesday we meet up to practice self-defence and activate our meat vessels. 
If you want to train with us you have to send an email, to sign up, to . If no one has signed up for a session the session will be cancelled. 
If you want to suggest times or bounce ideas send us an email about it, and we will try to facilitate it. 

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Tuesday, 28 September, 2021 - 18:30


  • course/workshop


  • martial arts


  • free
- Nattsvart Verkstad is run by donations, please consider becoming a support member


Nattsvart Verkstad
herrestagränd 5
2nd floor
12459 Stockholm

A DIY workshop in Högdalen, Stockholm, with the ambition to provide a radical space for whatever activities the people using it want to do. We want to be an open, free and safe space where its easy to get engaged and where we together can do the things we want and need.


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