Radiaction Noise Weekender - Part I

Friday, 17 November

Radiaction Noise Weekender - Part I

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Friday, 17 November

Radiaction Noise Weekender - Part I

A night of extreme noise music and performative actions in Vondelbunker!

20.00. doors open
20.30. Bahk
21.00. poetry & noise (pytr & schoco mune)
21:30. Duke S.
22:00. Kryptogen Rundfunk
22:30. Soundmotherfucker
23:00. Frank Vis

BAHK - Depressed midlife noise.

POETRY & NOISE (by PYTR & SCHOCO MUNE) - Poetry & Noise is an irregular experimental open mic concert series. For this concert, pytr (collage artist / poetry) and schoco mune (sound artist / noise) will show their collaborative work. “The words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. Believe only half of what you hear and nothing that you see!”

DUKE S. - Duke S. is a quirky mix of synthetic thriftcore, jazz, space age mambo, electronica. Live with visuals, various percussion pads and a theremin.

KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK - Kryptogen Rundfunk works with analogue electronics, radio waves, electromagnetic interference and found sounds, creating sophisticated aural images, often exploring extreme areas of the sonic spectrum. The purpose of these experiments is to temporarily switch off listeners’ rational perception and immerse them into the direct experience of abstract sound -- https://www.kryptogenrundfunk.com

SOUNDMOTHERFUCKER - Going places, still doesn’t what the fuck he is doing, even in this world. Doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing. As shifting derivatives become frozen through frantic and personal practice, as spatial phenomena become transformed through frantic and personal practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the edges of our future. A sense of what could have been the ephemeral nature of the mind. Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the endless oscillation of the human condition. What starts out as hope soon becomes manipulated into a tragedy of lust, leaving only a sense of dread and the prospect of a new understanding.

FRANK VIS - Frank Vis is an artist who plays noise, flashcore and improvisation with a modular setup that changes with every occasion. Member of the FCKN'BSTRDS, BSE! and many other collaborations. He is an active organiser and initiator of the SOTU Festival and running Plattegrond Records in Amsterdam for many years -- https://www.plattegrondx.com

Free entrance, doors open 20:00, noise starts at 20:30.
Cash only bar, merch table, donations for artists are welcome!

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Friday, 17 November, 2023 - 20:00


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Vondelpark 8a


We are in the bridge, under the trams!

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