Make Noise, Not War vol.1

Saturday, 24 September

Make Noise, Not War vol.1

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"Make Noise, Not War" is the concert series happens at historical war site. We shake off its heavy and dark war history with our impulsive noise, and change to new creative possitive energy.

The concert will happen at secret location at this time. If you want to come to the concert, please contact me via email. ( I'll tell you exact location only via private contact. Please do not post about location on social media such as face book etc.. It's a secret location, but very beautiful place. A tip: I can pick you up if you come to Alkmaar station at 6:30pm. Let me know if you do.

((program and artists of the night))This event celebrates the release of a split cassette between Schoco Mune & Silvan Schmid on one side and Alessio Giuliani & Maria Carlas & Mylo Cywitz on the other, releasing on Plattegrond Records, Amsterdam. Maria Carlas & Mylo Cywitz (, double riders - schoco mune, sitbQ (, Frank Vis (, soundmotherfucker, parasnol, KAVIA, BAHK


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Saturday, 24 September, 2022 - 19:00


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