Make banners and demo materials in solidarity with Palestine

Saturday, 11 November

Make banners and demo materials in solidarity with Palestine

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The newly opened social center Solidaria invites you to a solidarity day for Palestine and Palestinians in the struggle for freedom.

Together we will make banners and other materials that can be spread in the streets and used in demonstrations. Please bring sheets, fabrics, paint, brushes and shirts on which we can print political messages. We will also provide food, with all surplus collected being donated to support Gaza on the ground.

We welcome other initiatives and solidarity actions during this day.

Write to us if you have an idea you want to organize around.

Invite friends and spread the word and we'll see you on Saturday, November 11 at 12:00!

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Saturday, 11 November, 2023 - 12:00
Starrbäcksgatan 3

A completely new Social Center in Stockholm that offers a liberated space of creativity and solidarity for people from below and to the left! Solidaria is an autonomous social center with the aim to provide space and resources to practice mutual aid and to self-organize against and beyond our opp


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