Calm coding socials

Monday, 21 August

Calm coding socials

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A lowkey social hangout for those who like to write computer programs in the company of other people. If you're curious about coding, are looking for some inspiration, just wanna put your headphones on and hack, or otherwise, you are welcome to come by and hang out.

Within Varia, we are interested in creating space for coding practices and would like to build community around this idea; especially in relation to addressing the politics and social issues surrounding coding.

Calm Coding Socials is a self-organised moment: there might be pop-up study groups, chaotic pair programming or just a lot of people sitting on couches looking at their laptops. At the start and end of each session we will do a sharing moment to check-in & check-out with each other. Whether you are looking to follow an online tutorial, or want to work on a particular project, you are welcome to join!

We recognise the historically muddy waters of mainstream coding communities and the dominance of patriarchal and capitalist mindsets and behaviours within them. We aim to build an inclusive space and would ask all those who attend to take a moment to read the following:

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Monday, 21 August, 2023 - 19:30


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