Tweebosbuurt 8kv - Dinos' Kitchen

Monday, 20 January

Tweebosbuurt 8kv - Dinos' Kitchen

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Let’s introduce you the new 8kv in Rotterdam: DINO’S KITCHEN!

Every Saturday, a Dinosaurs Crew is gonna come together to go on an
adventure : The Fantastic Quest of dumpster-diving. They will get as
much free food as they can (a lot, probably, ‘cause they are dinosaurs).
They will then store it in their secret cave, and they will... COOK ALL
THE FOOD! And when all the food is cooked, they will SHARE IT as dinner
to the entire neighborhood... to the entire city of Rotterdam... even to
the entire PLANET because Dino’s crew stands against borders.

The dinner will be on every Monday evening at 19:00, and it will be ON
DONATION (because Dinosaurs need money to fight against the bad guys who
want to evict them).

“On donation” means that if you don’t have money to give, you eat for
free. If you have a little bit of money to give, you just give as much
as you want. And if you have a loooot of money, you can give a lot, so
you pay for people who can’t afford this, and your money’s gonna be used
to cover the kitchen’s costs and some other events like this.

Dino’s Kitchen is a VEGAN people’s kitchen, uses wasted food and tries
to organize a collective moment, around good food, where people can be
together, meet new people, to break the loneliness and the grayness of
those cold days. It’s a way among others to stand against speciesm,
patriarchy, gentrification, capitalism, social isolation, and many other
forms of oppression, authority, and loneliness that this world is made of.

The food will be served at 118D Tweebosbuurt for the first one, but the
location is likely to change soon. The first DINO’S KITCHEN will be on
Monday 20th January, 19:00.

The legend says that for the first occurrence of Dino’s kitchen, some
dinosaur individuals who prefer to remain anonymous, will organize an
AMAZING SECRET PARTY ! Some have heard about LIVE MUSIC, some others
have even heard about... CHIPS! A lot of chips. As everyone knows:

See you on Monday!

Date & Time: 

Monday, 20 January, 2020 - 19:00


  • bar/cafe
  • food
  • guided tour


  • free
  • by donation


Dinos' squat
118 Tweebosstraat
3072 BX Rotterdam


Presently squatted


Presently squatted

Tweebosbuurt is neighborhood in Rotterdam Zuid, Netherlands. It's threathened of demolition by Vestia, a so cald social housing compagny that want to destroy 599 social houses to replace them with 300 private houses.


  • action/protest/camp / advice/help/office hours / bar/cafe / book shop/info shop/library / course/workshop / court case / discussion/presentation / exhibition / film / food / (free) shop/market / guided tour / meeting / music/concert / party / work space/diy

opening times: 

No specific opening time yet. Send an email if you want to come! We'll update this section with the upcoming public events.