Movie screening: Pride (2014)

Saturday, 24 September

Movie screening: Pride (2014)

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This Saturday the 24th of September at 19:34 we will be watching Pride, a historical comedy/drama movie about the UK miner's strike in the 80s and the newly emerging lesbian and gay movement. Here's how to get there.

Don't forget that the cinema is outside, so bring something warm if you want to stay cosy. Bring your friends too! We may or may not have snacks and drinks so be prepared and bring something to share. Have you made a movie or video which you want to screen? Or do you have a recommendation or something to say to an audience? Drop us a line at: spaceinvadercinema aτ riseup doτ net

Here's a description of the movie:

In 1984, a group of LGBT activists decide to raise money to support the National Union of Mineworkers during their lengthy strike against the Thatcher government. There is only one problem: the Union seems embarrassed to receive their support.

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Saturday, 24 September, 2022 - 19:35


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G.K. van Hogendorpweg
3038GP Rotterdam


Under the highway G.K. van Hogendorpweg (N471), next to the rail tracks:

We are a cinema collective based in Rotterdam. We do weekly screenings of politically relevant fictional movies or documentaries. We currently use reclaimed public space to do the screenings, and as long as the weather allows it we would like to keep our cinema open air.


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