#MAYDAY may 1st transnational radio show

Friday, 1 May

#MAYDAY may 1st transnational radio show

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Radio - transnational - 1st of MAY - special broadcast

May first is coming. A historic day, usually filled with protests, rallies, and solidarity. But this year it is different. Less Protests, more restrictions, less speeches, more silence.

This is why there is the May 1st Radio show.


Radio Pnode - Paris / Radio Virus - Milano and Radio Orange 94.0 - Vienna team up for this feature live show from 16h-19h CEST.

There will be also an early morning Show by Radio-show "Quarantimes" on FSK Hamburg from 7h – 8h CEST


The content will be critical, clearly voicing out deficiencies in the current situation and articulating political issues. The show will point out the many crises ignored by mainstream media and politics, for example Situation of homeless people during Covid_19, situation of field workers, the situation of refugees, etc.. And of course there will be nice tunes about the protest, resistance, and solidarity!

Join in - MAY 1st on various Radio Stations!

Morning show 7-8h CEST https://www.fsk-hh.org/

Joint Radio Program:

Radio Orange 94.0 - Vienna: https://o94.at/

Radio Virus - Milano: https://radiovirus.org/

∏node - Paris: https://p-node.org/

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Friday, 1 May, 2020 - 07:00 to 19:00

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