Workshop: How to stop the emergence of hierarchy?

Cancelled: Tuesday, 24 March

Workshop: How to stop the emergence of hierarchy?

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There are three questions hidden in this question, which will be answered in this workshop. To answer this question, you should already know what hierarchy is, and what we mean when speaking about freedom - what it is exactly we want. Secondly, we look at how hierarchy can emerge and grow, to finally be able to fight for its downfall, for which I propose some methods of self-organization.

With this activity I want to inspire people to live without coercion. I have the feeling existing theories are insufficient, because hierarchy no longer expresses itself as before, and because a lot of counter movements realize the problems, but don't know well what to do and thus hold to old methods.
A new perspective can thus help, and accidentally my view is mathematical. To me mathematics ≈ radicality: it is about going to the essence, the root of matters, to reveal underlying mechanisms. On this simplification it is easier to let your imagination go loose, to create a completely new world.

Concretely this workshop will be interactive, with games to clarify certain mechanisms, and discussion on how we can use these mechanisms in practice. And no worries: no mathematical background is required. Want to already read more? Then check

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Tuesday, 24 March, 2020 - 18:00


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