Lidová Kuchyně: Bulharsko (výtěžek pujde pro bulharský Antifa) / People's kitchen: Bulgaria (gains go for Antifa Bulgaria)

Saturday 27 January

Lidová Kuchyně: Bulharsko (výtěžek pujde pro bulharský Antifa) / People's kitchen: Bulgaria (gains go for Antifa Bulgaria)

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Benefičny lidová kuchyně na podporu bulharský Antifa a antifašistickou demonstrace v Sofie, 17 únoru! K jidlo bude bramborovej salat, pečený papriky v rajčatovou omačku a mléčný riže se skořicí.

Informace o akcé (jen v anglictině) najdete niž.

EN/Beneficial People's kitchen for Antifa Bulgaria and the antifascist demonstration in Sofia on the 17th of February! For lunch you gonna get potato salad, roasted pepers in tomato sauce and milky rice with cinnamon.

Below you can read the call to action for the February demonstration in Sofia. Your support will be very welcome!

Dear friends and comrades,

February 2018 marks the 15th year anniversary of the nazi march Lukovmarsh in Sofia, as well as the Bulgarian presidency of the European Council in 2018. We would like to invite you to an antifascist demonstration, which will be our response to these disgraceful events, both marking the further fortification of Fortress Europe.

Who is general Lukov and what is Lukovmarsh exactly?

Lukovmarsh is a nazi torch march in February, honoring the memory the general, politician and ex minister of war Hristo Lukov (1887-1943), a supporter of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Between 1942 and 1943 he was also the leader of the ultra-nationalistic organization Union of the National Bulgarian Legions, who was pressuring the government to send the Bulgarian Jews to the death camps in Germany.

15 years ago, in 2003, the figure of Hristo Lukov was pulled out of the trash bin of history to be commemorated for the first time and the march in his honor has been happening ever since, regardless of the formal bans in 2014 and 2015 and the “lack of coordination” with the municipality in 2016 and 2017, which was appealed to in Administrative court and won by the organizers of Lukovmarsh. The organizers belong to numerous fascist Bulgarian groups, among which are the Bulgarian National Union, the nationalistic party VMRO (currently a part of the government), nazi ultras groups and the Bulgarian branch of Blood and honor. Lately, Lukov's commemorators try not to show openly nazi symbolism like swastikas so the march would not be banned but still – the universal celtic crosses, flags of the German empire, the sun of the Third Reich speak for themselves. Angel Djambazki, a Bulgarian far-right politician, who is in the EU parliament openly supports the march and the organizations behind it.

A video impression of Lukovmarsh in 2017:

Why is international solidarity important?

The anti-immigration rhetoric and the fear of migrant “waves” occupying Europe are turning mainstream politics into a shelter for racism, nationalism, xenophobia. Nationalists are already in the government in countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria. In others like Germany they have higher than ever percentages. Out of parliaments, Nazi groups all over Europe unite against migrants, meet up, march together, hold conferences and show “white international solidarity” more than ever to “protect Europe”. This was evident in the numbers of foreign supporters of Lukovmarsh lately, among which are:

Terre et peuple, a French far-right organization -

The Spanish Falange, the only legal party in Spain during the fascist regime of Franco -

The National-Democratic Party of Germany, the conceptual heir of the The National Socialist German Workers' Party -

The Croatian Neofascist Party-

The Italian Fascist Party -

European Action, a movement for united and ethnically clean Europe -

Russian Imperial Movement -

The Nordic Front, a Swedish nazi movement -

At the start of Bulgaria's European presidency, we protest both European bureaucrats and their policies, as well as their tools – nazis and fascists. We believe that politicians, bureaucrats and media have made the main contribution to the alarming new rise of the militant neo-nazi, ultra-nationalistic, xenophobic etc. movements in Europe. We should never forget that it is not neo-nazi attacks that killed over 15, 000 people in the Mediterranean and it was not neo-nazis who dehumanised a large group of people to an extent that their lost lives are counted in numbers, dreams locked in detention centres indefinitely and children tear-gassed because they have no place to be, different to a plastic-shack squatted camp. In it is in the soil of hate, fertilized by the shit of the media, politicans and soul-less bureaucrats counting dead bodies and kilometers of border-fences, where neo-nazis, fascists, ultra-nationalists, homophobes and mysoginists thrive. The fate of Lukovmarsh is a good example – for years the march has been protested against and each year the mayor of the city is “banning” it only to later allow the nazis to march with their torches, escorting them with a large number of police. In the meanwhile political parties in close ties with some of the organisations in the march are in local and national government, holding a number top positions. Their (and not only) constant hate-speech is promoted and widely welcome in the media, which has contiunously used it to raise its audience selling fears and racist stereotypes. For this reason we want to send a clear message – No nazis on our streets, no to a nazi Europe!

When and how you can support us

The preliminary date for our march is Feb 17 (same day as Lukovmarsh) and we would also like to organize a day of informative events the previous day in which different collectives can do and participate in talks, presentations and dicussions, sell books, t-shirts etc. The context in Bulgaria is extremely different to the one in other countries in Europe, we have no large squatted spaces or much money. However, we will do our best to provide as many crash places for people coming to the march as we can. You can get in touch with us to let us know if your group or you and your friends are planning to come so we can try to arrange sleeping places. You are also invited to propose presentations, talks or events you would like to contribute with on the day before the march. We believe the latter is extremely important in order to involve a wider public into informative and motivating events related to antifascist (but not only!) struggles. If you have books, zines, t-shirt or whatever that might be of interest that you want to bring to sell or share, feel more than invited! In case you would like to support us organizing a benefit gig or whatever kind of fundraising, get in touch with us. Any contribution will be appreciated and will help us print propaganda and prepare the demo.

The few of us here have been trying to stop Lukovmarsh for the past 15 years but have had niether the institutional nor the physical power to do so. In this context, we are deeply grateful to each and every one of our comrades who have joined us on the streets in the past years and to those who will make their way to Sofia for Feb 17!

Lukovmarsh is one of the crystal-clear examples of how fascists and nazis collaborate trans-nationally to spread their ideology of hate and death. Lets turn Sofia into a symbol of internationalist solidarity!

No nazis on our streets, no to a nazi Europe!

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Saturday, 27 January, 2018 - 13:00


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