Social Screenings: Catch-22

Wednesday, 14 August

Social Screenings: Catch-22

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Sharply critical of the almost surreal bureaucracy of war, this scathing satire, black comedy film is based on Joseph Heller's novel. The story focuses on a group of Air Force pilots in the midst of WWII. The title refers to the twisted logic that makes up the pilots' standard military procedure. We will watch the 122 minutes movie, and then we will open a discussion interval. Bring your drinks :) "Nately: You talk like a madman.Old Man: But I live like a sane one. I was a Fascist when Mussolini was on top. Now that he has been deposed, I am anti-Fascist. When the Germans were here, I was fanatically pro-German. Now I'm fanatically pro-America! You'll find no more loyal partisan in all of Italy than myself." "Old Man: You all crazy!Nately: Why are we crazy?Old Man: Because you don't know how to stay alive, and that's the secret of life."

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Wednesday, 14 August, 2019 - 19:00


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