Rencontres Internationalistes Les Peuples Veulent

Friday, 21 October to Sunday, 23 October

Internationalist festival Les Peuples Veulent

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This year, the festival will be held on three sites in Montreuil (l'Aéri, La Maison Ouverte and La Parole Errante). The internationalist meetings « The Peoples Want » have been taking place for 3 years in Montreuil, a parisian suburb. Initiated by the Syrian Canteen in the wake of the 2018-2019 uprisings, these meetings are a proposal to intensify revolutionary circulations between territories and continents. For October 2022, our fourth edition will bring together thirty collectives from Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Indian subcontinent, Africa and the Middle East for three days of public festival with films, concerts, discussions, exhibitions. A broadcasting and a translation will be available on various media.

For an internationalism from below

We participants, children and friends of the Syrian Revolution, we found ourselves after a long and difficult struggle, with a desire for the future : to never abandon, no matter in which geography, the just revolt of a people.

“The governments betrayed us, where are the peoples? » asked the Syrian revolutionaries.

From the rage and bitterness of our experiences, but also from the need to feel less alone, was born the desire to get to know each other and create bonds between our struggles. In our exiles and our travels, we reached out for revolutionaries around the globe. We met at the intersections of a sick world. We understood that we were part of a transnational fight. That we are facing an internationally organised elite, with its networks of repression and exploitation.

If we suffer differently, our enemies are the same. Sometimes we don’t understand what another is suffering from, often we don’t speak the same language but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to hear our pains.

For several years now, from one continent to another, we have taken the roads of the various movements for life and dignity… from Chile to Lebanon, from Hong Kong to Sudan, from Iraq to Colombia, from Syria to France. In the footsteps of the Zapatista and the feminists, we have begun to weave a network of planetary connections. Not as an abstract ethics, but as a survival strategy. Unable to content ourselves with responses to emergencies or crises, we forge, starting from where we live, relationships of mutual aid, of learning and complicities that go beyond national borders. We weave from what binds us, we draw our own maps.

It is in Paris, the heart of Capital, but an important crossroads of exiles, that our steps have led us to live and then to build a space of intersection between revolutionaries of the world.

We know how much we come from different territories, with their own dynamics, complexities and histories. But we also know how our fights resonate, how our revolts utter the same cries, how we recognise ourselves in our doubts and in our rage. We are not afraid of disagreement ; we cultivate the multiplicity of our experiences.

We try to explore new paths, but from past attempts we draw our most determined lessons. We are in continuous research, our questions remain wide open, driven by a one certainty: only the peoples can save the peoples.

We defend an internationalism that crosses the borders of nations and bodies. An internationalism from below, anchored in a myriad of spaces and territories that decide to govern themselves. An internationalism of peoples who dream of seeing more and more territories liberated from capital and tyrants.

From those of us who come from the South, we have learned to resist all empires: Western but also Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Iranian or Israeli.

We always dream of victory. That of the local councils in Syria, of the resistance committees in Sudan, of the territorial assemblies in Chile, and of a France self-governed by its 150,000 roundabouts. We want to revive the ghosts of Daraya, Kronstadt or Shanghai and for that we can count, as our Chilean friends say, on the memory of the future.

In the paths of the battles that we fight everywhere, we want to draw, together, new horizons. To all those who, often well before us, began to build this mutual aid between peoples, to all the autonomous forces that work for the liberation of all without distinction, we extend an invitation :

If you can, come and meet us at the internationalist festival « The Peoples Want » on October 21, 22 and 23, 2022 in Paris. This is our contribution to the creation of spaces of discussion and encounter between rebels at the planetary scale. If you can’t, write to us, tell us about your initiatives. Join us on the way.

We who want to set this world ablaze to see it blossom again, we have no other choice but to find each other and fight side by side.

We will listen to all the echoes of this invitation.

See you soon, here or elsewhere.

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Friday, 21 October, 2022 - 09:00 to Sunday, 23 October, 2022 - 23:00

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La Parole Errante
9 rue François Debergue, Montreuil
93100 Paris


Métro Croix de Chavaux
La Maison Ouverte
17 rue Hoche, Montreuil


Métro Mairie de Montreuil
57 Rue Etienne Marcel, Montreuil


Métro Croix de Chavaux

Le collectif La Parole Errante Demain s’est constitué pour faire face à la menace de fermeture qui pèse sur un lieu d’importance à Montreuil : La Parole Errante.


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Lundi, 18h à 20h: Réunion hebdomadaire du collectif La Parole Errante Demain
Mercredi, 19h à 21h: Réunion du Centre Social Autogéré
Du mercredi au samedi de 15h à 20h: Café librairie Michèle Firk

Lieu autogéré social, culturel et solidaire, l'AERI est une utopie réelle. Un espace d’entraide, de rencontre, de création, de lutte et de mise en commun.


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Tous les jours de la semaine (sauf le vendredi), cantine de 12h30 à 14h30:
- le lundi et le jeudi, cantine syrienne cantinesyrienne@gmailcom
- le mardi, cantine de la Brigade de Solidarité Populaire de Montreuil-Bagnolet
- le mercredi, cantine des gilets jaunes

Le mercredi de 11h à 13h et le vendredi de 17h à 19h, permanence du collectif d'impression, ou 0751474132
Le mercredi de 18h à 22h30, atelier Artivisme.
Le 1er mardi du mois, de 17h à 20h, rencontre du collectif Prenons la ville.
Une semaine sur deux le lundi, l’autre semaine le mardi, de 18h à 20h30, AG des Gilets Jaunes de Montreuil,
Tous les derniers dimanches du mois de 14h à 18h, Repair Café Montreuil