Les Digitales, festival of radical ecologies, third edition

Thursday, 24 August to Sunday, 27 August

Les Digitales, festival of radical ecologies, third edition

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La Baudrière being evicted from rue Voltaire, the festival Les Digitales will take place at La Parole Errante, 9 rue François Debergue, still in Montreuil.

While the heat is rising and the country suffocates under the sun and the truncheons this summer we invite you to the Baudrière to defend and uphold hope! Les Digitales is back, and it will be a welcomed cool breeze, in its third edition from the 24-27 August 2023. The « convoi de l’eau », organized by the Peasants Confederation and « Bassines Non Merci » leaving from Sainte-Soline and arriving in Paris on the 26th of August will be part of the festival.

Les Digitales is a venomous, radical and anarchist ecology festival celebrating its third edition. During a political, festive and self-organized weekend, friends, collectives and struggles from all horizons will meet at La Parole Errante, in Montreuil. The first two editions enabled us to form cherished links and emerge new possibilities. For example, it contributed to hatch, in our militant struggles, questions around queer ecology and to organise our fight against fascist ecologies.

The festival will take place in a special context: La Baudrière is liable to expulsion from the 21st of August onwards. La Baudrière is an anarcha-feminist queer (trans-pd-gouine-intersex TPGI) squat which opened in November 2021. For almost two years, this space has been a refuge for womxn and queer persons but also a space of political organising that has hosted dozens of cantines, parties, workshops, meetings, moments of solidarity … La Baudrière, as a space of collective experimentation, has enabled us to forge new strong alliances and gain in autonomy against gentrified modes of living and against the racist and patriarchal society that oppresses us. 

La Baudrière is a Zone à Défendre (ZAD) !

In this context of forcibly adopted fascist laws criminalizing ecological struggles and repeated attacks against queer spaces we cannot afford to lose such a space.

What we are struggling against is not new: often, working-class and BIPOC neighborhoods have had to rise, often alone, against police murders, racism and state contempt. It is with this heritage that we strive to live in this space and not forget the struggles that come before us and are still burning with anger.

This festival will take place in time where we can be under expulsion at any moment. Therefore, we have taken precautionary anti-repression measures: informing ourselves on the potential risks of participating in this event, on living and occupying the space. To get more details on this you can follow La Baudrière's blog.

We welcome all kinds of support in order to ensure that this space continues to be upheld and defended. Whether you have been here already or not, your presence is essential! Every land that we take from the hands of capitalism in order to make it a place of solidarity and life is a victory! By being present, massively, during this period of expulsion liability we fight against the repression that wants to see us abandon the struggle.

This edition will focus particularly on communal care: from trauma to risk reductions, sex-work struggles, internationalist struggles, fighting against islamophobia, the oppression of adults, but also mutual care and autodefense tools against all forms of oppression.

Starting from the 20th of August and beyond the Digitales, the occupation will continue for the defense of La Baudrière!

Our program will include: discussions, cantines, projections, podcasts, self-training, parties, actions, techno bike demonstration, sports and artistic workshops, shows, sharing of experiences and militant knowledge … basically an event you don’t want to miss :)

For more information (to propose a workshop, to sleep etc… : lesdigitales@riseup.net)

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Thursday, 24 August, 2023 - 10:00 to Sunday, 27 August, 2023 - 23:45

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  • national callout


  • action/protest/camp
  • bar/cafe
  • book shop/info shop/library
  • course/workshop
  • discussion/presentation
  • film
  • food
  • meeting
  • music/concert
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La Parole Errante
9 rue François Debergue, Montreuil
93100 Paris


Métro Croix de Chavaux

La Baudrière, anarcha-feminist trans queer squat, opened on November 11th 2021, evicted on August 22nd, 2023.


  • action/protest/camp / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / film / food / meeting / music/concert / party / work space/diy

opening times: 

Une semaine sur deux le jeudi, 18h30 : assemblée générale de la Baudrière.
Vendredi, 12h-14h: cantine des daronnes en lutte.

Le collectif La Parole Errante Demain s’est constitué pour faire face à la menace de fermeture qui pèse sur un lieu d’importance à Montreuil : La Parole Errante.


  • advice/help/office hours / bar/cafe / book shop/info shop/library / discussion/presentation / exhibition / film / meeting

opening times: 

Lundi, 18h à 20h: Réunion hebdomadaire du collectif La Parole Errante Demain
Mercredi, 19h à 21h: Réunion du Centre Social Autogéré csaparoleerrante@riseup.net
Du mercredi au samedi de 15h à 20h: Café librairie Michèle Firk