Week-end de rencontres contre les frontières

Saturday, 3 December to Sunday, 4 December

No Border weekend of discussions

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Every day, many people who do not have Western papers try to cross French borders, to enter or leave the national territory. By foot, by truck, by train, by boat, by bus, by car, they cross the lines drawn by the Western states to better establish their domination.

On the roads, a whole repressive arsenal is put in place to try to block or slow down people : the PAF (Air and Border Police), the gendarmerie, the military … many agents of the State in charge of harassing and chasing people trying to cross these borders. Posted on roads, paths, beaches, in the mountains and in train stations, they pursue, arrest, teargas, beat up and intimidate.

On the roads, we see the violence of the French administration, the incomprehensible and endless procedures which lead nowhere, the hours of waiting, the inquisitorial interviews, the refusals and pushbacks.

On the road, we see the CRAs (administrative detention centers), the violence of imprisonment, the hasty and unfair judgments, the forced expulsion from french territory.

The french State crates and monitors barriers that it erects only against certain people: every day, many tourists, migrants with “good papers”, frequent the borders and their cops without any problem. The border device is a tool of racist, imperialist, colonial, violent and murderous control, reinforced by the collaboration between states.

Every day and everywhere, people burn these borders: by crossing them, by attacking them head-on or bypassing them, by occupying places of life and exchange, by creating networks of solidarity and by creating always new underground routes.

We call on all people active in anti-border collectives and/or interested to gather for a No Border weekend on December 3rd and 4th at La Baudrière, a squat near Paris. This weekend of meetings is meant to be an opportunity to get to know each other better, to exchange on the border situations and to better define the axes of struggle for the next times.

Fire to the borders, fire to the CRA, fire to the State!



From 1 to 2:30 pm :

– Group from Ventimille
– Groupe from Cesana / Briancon

BREAK (30minutes)

From 3pm to 4:30 :
– Groupe from Calais
– Group from Paris

BREAK (30minutes)

From 5 to 7pm :

– Discussion about FLINTA people on the move :

We would like to invite comrades from different LGBTQIA+ migrants groups to join the weekend and discuss the specific question of migration and welcoming of FLINTA people on the move.

– Moovie screening


From 8pm
– PARTY : Music and DJ’s until midnight 1am


On Sunday there will be 3 workshops that we have prepared. The 3 workshops take place all the day. However, we would like to leave the program open for further discussions, if the need comes. Spaces are available to have other workshops in parallel. Do not hesitate to write to us if you want to add a workshop / discussion on Sunday!

From 10:30 to 12:30 am :

– Discussion on Schengen and the functioning of the Dublin regulation and the evolution of its application in the last years: Self-training and sharing of experiences and strategies

Under the cover of the fight against terrorism and Covid, France is one of the European countries that has constantly reinforced its internal border controls since 2015. Very recently, in July 2022, the Council of State went back on a decision of the CJEU ruling that the re-establishment of systematic border controls in France since 2017 was illegal, and by doing so validated once again the extension of the re-establishment of internal border controls by the French government, definitively burying the Schengen principle of free movement. At the same time, the issue of borders is becoming increasingly dematerialized, particularly through an increase in fingerprinting within Schengen Member States and an explosion of Dublin procedures, particularly in France.
This workshop will be an opportunity to review the legal framework for the re-establishment of internal borders, but also the evolution of the fingerprinting system in the Schengen area (particularly in the Balkans) and the application of the Dublin Regulation in Western countries. We will also be able to discuss the impacts of the Brexit and the projects under discussion (Expulsions to Rwanda, Reform of Dublin 4, etc).

This moment is thought as a time of self-learning but also of concrete exchange on strategies and fight against the Dublin system. Don’t hesitate to come with paper material!

From 12:30 to 2pm : LUNCH BREAK

From 2pm to 4:30pm :

– Discussion on mental health and the impact of institutional violence :

Racist borders, whether physical or administrative, produce insidious violence, creating trauma and strongly impacting the mental health of people who face these devices. However, it appears that very few practical resources exist on these issues. We would like, by inviting people who think about these questions in different settings, especially in places of life and organizations at the borders, to be able to come out of this discussion with tools and concrete proposals of things to put in place.
We also thought of a second time of discussion on the vicarian stress and the activist burn out in contexts of struggles at the borders. Without focusing the whole discussion on this, we could open a space for discussion on this subject.

BREAK (30minutes)

From 5 to 7pm :

– Discussion on the links between cities and borders:

This workshop will be an opportunity to review the tools available (guides, interactive maps, contact lists etc) and the update of Welcome2Europe started at the TransBorderCamps in July 2022.
We could also start a discussion on the welcoming of people in transit and the link between the people at the borders and the people who could develop welcoming and information spaces in the cities. We would like to discuss the dynamics of the opening of reception places, especially self-organized, but also a possible coordination in the region of Paris. While preparing the weekend, several questions emerged about the coordination of welcoming and working groups in connection with the border, but also about thinking of a potential future places of resources and struggle, on various aspects (accommodation, administrative support, psy/care support etc)


The profits of the canteens of Saturday evening and Sunday noon and of the evening of Saturday evening will go partly to the squat of Yallah in Cesana, and partly to the squat rue Frédéric Sauvage, in Calais.

We will try to provide translations in several languages. If you have specific needs or if you can help with the translation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: weekendnoborderParis@riseup.net

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Saturday, 3 December, 2022 - 13:00 to Sunday, 4 December, 2022 - 20:00

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La Baudrière
65 bis rue Voltaire, Montreuil


Métro Robespierre


Evicted squat

La Baudrière, anarcha-feminist trans queer squat, opened on November 11th 2021, evicted on August 22nd, 2023.


  • action/protest/camp / course/workshop / discussion/presentation / film / food / meeting / music/concert / party / work space/diy

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Une semaine sur deux le jeudi, 18h30 : assemblée générale de la Baudrière.
Vendredi, 12h-14h: cantine des daronnes en lutte.