No Border Camp 2024

Tuesday, 20 August to Monday, 25 August

No Border Camp 2024

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With the PVV winning the elections in the Netherlands and the rise of extreme right-wing parties all over Europe, the anti-migration policies are becoming more strict, less humane, more violent, and dangerous. People are governed through fear and heatred, lashing out to others. Especially others who are labled as 'outsiders', 'foreigners', and 'wealth-seekers'. Stopping immigration is on the top of every politician's wish list.

The European Union is trying to keep people outside of its borders by militarising borders, having Frontex execute illegal push-backs on the Mdeiterranean, weaponise countries like Libya to drag people back (pull-backs), lock them up and torture them. On top of all of that, the EU is working on plans to lock up refugees and asylum seekers right at the European borders.

Militarisation is increasing world-wide: the Russian invasion into Ukraine, the genocide in Palestine, and large scale European plans to weaponise the Union. Thereby increasing the amount of weapons and the risk to violent conflict that forces people to flee. All these topics touch upon areas of struggle, among which the continuing emissions of fossil fuels, the greenwashing of the fossil fuel industry, exploitation of people and lands in Congo and elsewhere, human rights violations in Palestine, Libya and the Mediterranean.

We need to work together to build a world without borders and for freedom of movement for all, and a world where people are not forced to flee their homes. Stop the spread of fear and hatred!

Get in touch for more information about the camp via and; help spread the posters, flyers and stickers and contribute to the camp by coming, doing a workshop or organising an action.

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Tuesday, 20 August, 2024 - 09:50 to Monday, 25 August, 2025 - 17:50

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This is the group page for the No Border Network in the Netherlands. This network is a gathering of people and groups who want to act to change the migration policy in the Netherlands and Europe.


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