Grande marche contre le mal logement

Saturday, 9 November

Demo against the deadly housing crisis

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Call for a March on November 9th, 15AM, Notre Dame du Mont, Collective El Manba and Saint-Just. Everybody in the street against the bad accomodation !

On Saturday, November 9, we will march in memory of the 8 people killed in the collapses of Aubagne Street and Zineb Redouane, murdered by the police.
These deaths are not accidents but the result of an urban policy of speculation and profit, which drives out the most vulnerable populations of the city centre.

In Marseille, as elsewhere, the State and its subcontractors in the asylum system (OFII, PADA, 115...) are evading their legal obligations and denying the migrants the housing they are entitled to. Within institutional accommodation, the major funders (ADOMA, Sara Logisol, Forum Réfugiés, Groupe SOS, 3F) zealously apply the State's directives and support all policies of control, surveillance and deprivation of liberty.
The Conseil départemental (Departmental Council) relies on international laws and conventions and abandons isolated minors : they wait many months on the pavements of Marseille before being offered shelter. Pregnant women or women with children are not better treated : they remain on the street until the time of their delivery and return to it when they are discharged from the hospital.

The squat Saint-Just, which opened last winter to denounce all these practices, is supposed to be expelled at the end of January ! No winter break (suspension of evictions during winter period) applicable for more than 300 people in great distress and whose fundamental rights are crushed by the state, the department and its service providers.

Shameless, the subcontractors of the State in charge of providing "material reception conditions" (PADA, ADDAP...) disregard their responsibilities and refer to voluntary collectives such as the Manba and 59 St Just. When the latter find precarious solutions (squats, camps...), the State expels them. Once on the street these people are subjected to police harassment, which serves the policy of forced gentrification of the city centre : in the polished and aseptic city that the town hall prepares for tourists, migrant people have no place. Surveillance cameras and facial controls ensure that any migrant person too visible in the city centre will end up locked in a detention centre. At the beginning of September Euroméditerranée (a huge urban renewal project and therefore gentrification project) puts 450 people on the street. Five days later, the makeshift camps they had built were demolished by the police, and their belongings and papers were thrown in the garbage. The precarity caused by loads of evictions, more intense than ever on the eve of the winter break, is the delight of the sleep merchants who abound in the city. They are the only solution for many migrant people, even if it means paying exorbitant rents for unhealthy housing and being targeted by "arrêtés de péril" (dangerous structure orders).

Stop evictions ! Stop gentrification !
For the freedom of movement and installation !
Shelter and accommodation for all !
In the meantime, let's open, requisition, occupy !

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Saturday, 9 November, 2019 - 15:00

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Métro Notre-Dame-du-Mont

Expulsée le 31 octobre 2019, quelques heures avant le début de la trêve hivernale, la Maison du Peuple de Marseille avait été rendue au peuple à la suite de la manifestation de samedi 1er juin 2019, acte 29 des Gilets Jaunes.


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Depuis le 18 décembre 2018, sous les fenêtres de Martine Vassal au Conseil départemental 13, un grand bâtiment appartenant au diocèse a été ouvert au 59 avenue de Saint Just, avec vingt mineurs isolés exilés, et quelques familles avec des enfants en bas-age.


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El Manba is a no border collective born in the summer of 2015 as a reaction to the blockade of the French-Italian border. It fights against the oppression experienced by exiled people, initially created by people in a situation of migration as well as people in solidarity.


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At the Local, 8 rue Barbaroux 13001

Monday: 18h-20h: Legal permanence

Tuesday: 10am-12pm: French class (moved temporarily to Parc Longchamps)
13h30-15h30: Children welcome (for unmixed classes in Manifesten)
6:30 pm: General Assembly of the Collectif Soutien Migrants 13

Wednesday: 18h-20h: Legal permanence for minors

Thursday: 10am-12pm: French class; (moved temporarily to Parc Longchamps)
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