Colin Ward's 'Schools No Longer'. Anarchist Bookclub by FORGED BOOKS

Saturday, 9 January

Colin Ward's 'Schools No Longer'. Anarchist Bookclub by FORGED BOOKS

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Reading TBC, Colin Ward's 'Schools No Longer':


There has always been a proportion of pupils who attend unwillingly, who resent the authority of the school and its arbitrary regulations, and who put a low value on the processes of education because their own experience tells them that it is an obstacle race in which they are so often the losers that they would be mugs to enter the competition. This is what school has taught them, and when this army of also-rans, no longer cowed by threats, no longer amenable to cajolery, no longer to be bludgeoned by physical violence into sullen acquiescence grows large enough to prevent the school from functioning with even the semblance of relevance or effectiveness, the educational revolution will begin.




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Saturday, 9 January, 2021 - 14:00


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Presently squatted


Presently squatted

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