Friday, 7 August

Series of lectures: “Anarchy in times of pandemic”

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19:00: Update on the repression of anarchism in Madrid and internationally

A brief overview of the repressive cases against anarchism in Madrid (bankia and Operation Arca case), the repression in Italy in various operations, Greece, Chile, France… A brief review of the State offensive against anarchism.

20:00 “Covid-19: Anarchy in times of pandemic”

The pandemic is accelerating various processes of readjustment and transformation of the conditions of domination. Faced with this secret to voices, a global panic atmosphere that has come increasing thanks to the daily shrinking of the world, hand in hand with the speed and, the complexity and intensity of the planetary inter-connection.

In this context, the information pandemic (much more viral than the SARS-CoV-2), which always fluctuates between misinformation and induction of collective fear, has also done its part, causing the Voluntary servitude – governed by panic and uncertainty – is to assume the role for which she has been domesticated during centuries. Clearly, the great “push” of the last three decades of post-industrialism, with the imposition and socialization of new technologies (over 4 billion people connected!), has been decisive in the strengthening of the cyberleviatán with a multitude of subjects much more submissive than the Minions. With the text of Gustavo Rodriguez as a starting point we will discuss the possibilities of extending the revolt.

21:00 Benefit café and solidarity music to finance expenses after repression against anarchists.

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Friday, 7 August, 2020 - 19:00


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Ateneo Libertario de Vallekas
Calle Párroco Don Emilio Franco nº 59 - Vallecas
28053 Madrid


Metro Nueva Numancia


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