Appel à rassemblement pour soutenir les habitants du squat le Duracuire menacés d’expulsion

Wednesday, 3 March

Call for a rally to support the inhabitants of the Duracuire squat threatened with eviction

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Le Vinatier, owner of the Duracuire squat, building occupied by migrants, is threatening to evict them. Let's come and support them. Call for a rally on March 3 at 2pm in front of Le Vinatier to support the inhabitants of the Duracuire threatened with eviction.

Do you know the Duracuire? Who are we?

Le Duracuire is the new name of the former Medico-Psychological Center of Caluire, attached to Le Vinatier, renamed by its new occupants. Since December 2019 more than 60 exiled people, most of them asylum seekers, young adults or families with children have settled in the building, which has been unoccupied for several years.
They found shelter here after having endured a daily wandering for several months following the eviction of the Amphi Z squat in Villeurbanne in September 2019, which put more than 200 people back on the street. After such events, the squat of Caluire decided to call itself the Duracuire, not without some humor,
On December 18, 2019, the place was inaugurated with the neighbors. As the building was not intended for accommodation, a lot of energy was needed to make it habitable.

What are our rights?

Everyone must have access to housing, or at least to emergency accommodation: this right is recognized as a fundamental right under French law to any homeless person who is in a situation of medical, psychological and social distress, at any time, as stipulated in article L345-2-2 of the Code de l'Action Sociale et des Familles (Social Action and Family Code).

The State is responsible for the protection, sheltering and unconditional reception of refugees. That's written on paper. But politicians have not budgeted for it. The many camps and other shantytowns attest to this. Every day, people on the streets seek shelter to sleep, wandering from squat to squat, from camp to camp... Yet many buildings remain empty for years. The former governance of the Metropolis has even voted a budget of 1.8 million euros to watch over the vacant buildings !

And now?

On June 12, 2020, following the complaint filed by the Centre Hospitalier du Vinatier, the court requested the eviction of the inhabitants from April 1, 2021, the end of the winter truce, which will be extended to June 1, 2021. During this trial, it was confirmed that Le Vinatier still had no plans for this building,
While the new metropolitan team displays a new squat policy, a willingness to welcome migrants and a slogan "Nobody on the street", the hospital seems to have forgotten its values of hospitality.

In the midst of a pandemic, the hospital is taking care of its budget: to sell the Caluire MPC, it is ready to put vulnerable people on the street. The hospital makes the choice to defend the right to property against the right to health.
We ask the Supervisory Board to take care of all these vulnerable people by refusing to sell this building.
We ask :
- A halt to the eviction procedures
- Keeping the inhabitants in the premises until they are rehoused in dignified and sustainable conditions.
We would like a delegation of the inhabitants and their support to be received by the Management of the Hôpital du Vinatier and the members of the Supervisory Board.
We invite you to support the occupants at a gathering on the occasion of the next meeting of the Supervisory Board of Le Vinatier on March 3rd at 2 pm, 95 Boulevard Pinel 69500 Bron (Tram T6/T2).

Duracuire Collective

Date & Time: 

Wednesday, 3 March, 2021 - 14:00


  • action/protest/camp


Le Vinatier
95 Boulevard Pinel
69003 Lyon


Tram T6/T2 (Vinatier)

The Duracuire squat was evicted in June 2023.


  • action/protest/camp