Procès du squat de Feyzin, appel à soutien

Tuesday, 16 June

Trial of the Feyzin squat, call for support

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Faced with the threats of evictions that are likely to follow one another at the end of the winter truce, let's organize solidarity!
Squats and other informal housing are among the places most exposed to the risks linked to the health crisis. While during the confinement, the State and the Metropolis have hardly brought any help in these already precarious housing, the eviction procedures are starting again, and threaten to put on the street more than a thousand people in Lyon as soon as the winter truce ends (July 10).
On June 16, the former Georges Brassens school in Feyzin, now owned by Total, went on trial. Home to about 70 people, the school has been renovated and made liveable, and is now a place where its residents can live. Let's come and support them in the face of threats of eviction to demand decent housing for all and to denounce the repressive and discriminatory policies of this government.
Meet on Tuesday 16 June at 9am in front of the court of first instance of Villeurbanne at 3 Rue Docteur Fleury Pierre Papillon for a breakfast of support.

Papers for all undocumented migrants!
Housing for all!

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Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 - 09:00


  • action/protest/camp
  • meeting
Tribunal d'instance
3 rue du docteur Pierre Fleury Papillon - Villeurbanne

Collectif intersquats, Exilé.es Lyon et environs


  • action/protest/camp

The former Georges Brassens school, owned by Total Raffinage and abandoned since 2012, came back to life in early February 2020. Faced with the number of homeless exiles, the Lyon Metropolis is still not reacting.


  • action/protest/camp