Appel urgent à solidarité contre l’expulsion du squat de Feyzin

Thursday, 16 September

Urgent call for solidarity against the eviction of the Feyzin squat

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We have just learned that the cops are planning to evict the Feyzin squat on Thursday 16th at 7am. We are calling for a rally to support the hundreds of residents who have found a home there for a year and a half now.
Since February 2020, the former Georges Brassens school in Feyzin has been home to over 200 residents. The owner of the land and the adjacent refinery, Total, has dragged the squat from trial to trial. After appealing the delay granted in the first instance, Total obtained what it wanted from the Court of Appeal: immediate eviction from the site and cancellation of the delays granted.
However, to date, a large number of residents have no alternative housing. Due to the lack of the necessary accommodation places -there is a shortage of 1000 emergency accommodation places in Lyon- and because of the State's policy of non-accommodation, many people will end up on the street.
As a reminder, TOTAL, the leader of the CAC40, is a multinational company that never stops increasing its profits to the detriment of employees, the environment and the countries where the oil operations are located.
In the midst of a health and economic crisis, the company paid 7.6 billion euros in dividends to its shareholders in 2020, and continues to receive public aid. Total is the paragon of neo-colonial capitalism (in Uganda and Tanzania, in particular) and ecocide. Especially since the deployment of these oil projects involves massive displacement of populations, whose rights are violated even before the first drillings. Tens of thousands of people are deprived of their land, even before receiving any compensation.
In support of the exiled inhabitants and against the total takeover of our world ? Meet on Thursday 16 September at 7am in front of the Feyzin squat located at 9 rue Jean Bouin in Feyzin.

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Thursday, 16 September, 2021 - 07:00

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Ancienne école Georges-Brassens
9 rue Jean Bouin, Feyzin
69320 Lyon


Evicted squat

The former Georges Brassens school, owned by Total Raffinage and abandoned since 2012, came back to life in early February 2020. Faced with the number of homeless exiles, the Lyon Metropolis is still not reacting.


  • action/protest/camp