Black Threads #2 God and the State, Mikhail Bakunin

Tuesday, 5 December

Black Threads #2 God and the State, Mikhail Bakunin

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In this series of discussions we will go back into the heritage of anarchism to look at specific written contributions to the theory and practice of attack, informal organisation and permanent revolt. Each week some extracts will be shared beforehand which can be read to prepare for the next discussion or not. Each discussion will start with a short presentation of the book.

"Government by science is becoming as impossible as that of divine right, wealth, or brute force. All powers are henceforth to be submitted to pitiless criticism. 

If it is allowable to cite any one name from those of the revolutionists who have taken part in this immense work of renovation, there is not one that may be singled out with more justice than that of Mikhail Bakunin."

Carlo Cafiero, Elisée Reclus. Preface to God and the State (First French Edition)

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Tuesday, 5 December, 2023 - 19:00


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