an unrelenting struggle, an insurrectional dream (part 1)

Sunday, 1 October

an unrelenting struggle, an insurrectional dream (part 1)

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Part 1 of a 2 part event at Touchpaper Anarchist Library

The Social War in the Territory Dominated by the Chilean State

We will attempt to discuss and bring alive together, the analyses, critiques and actions which have been communicated from the Chilean context to the world through anarchist publications we have in the library. Through this encounter we hope to set a context by which we can better grasp what is at stake in the current phases of repression that the following discussion will take as its starting point, as well as to consider why these reflections are necessary in our situation.


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“Continuing to take paths of rupture is therefore a small victory, showing that, even if the State shows us its worst face, it cannot bend us. We think that solidarity with those affected by repression must necessarily be transgressive and offensive, free from any pessimistic and victimist discourse. The use of all our creativity, limited only by our anarchist principles, is fundamental…”

Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, 2017.

Chilean society is a modern democratic one. The industrial ravaging of indigenous land is conducted for the benefit of American, British and European corporations and is managed by endless ‘anti-terrorist’ operations. The administrators of society, from the bosses of production and mass-media to the scientists and the military; from the priests and politicians to the judges and police, have all undergone a costume-change since the years of fascist dictatorship.

Over this time the territory has been the subject of economic booms and collapses, times of social peace and democratic recuperation as well as some of the most intense social rebellions in recent times that have not been short of explosive examples throughout the world.

But one constant has remained an implacable thorn in the side of the ambitions of power  as it has changed in order to remain exactly the same. The minority, informal, anarchist movement which counts many comrades inside the dungeons of the Chilean state, through their intransigent words and deeds has been a point of reference in some moments in the struggles of the exploited in that territory where limits have been burst, as well as for  many amongst those who still hold onto the outrageous desire for freedom, all over the planet.



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Sunday, 1 October, 2023 - 19:00


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