London Tattoo Circus 2020

Cancelled: Saturday, 23 May

London Tattoo Circus 2020

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Prison island is on lockdown, and we are coming to terms with the slow
crash of disaster and of course the inevitable cancellation of Tattoo
Circus. The amount of energy, subversion, beauty, and absurdity that has
been zoning in towards this event is sadly not going to come together in
its violent glory.We are not pleased about this…we know the value of coming together against adversity. We believe that sharing our ideas, talents, and
experiences makes us strong and keeps us fighting.

 Can the momentum that has been building for Tattoo Circus 2020 be utilized in a different way? A strong group of people have seen each other and shared intention. We hope these flames have set events in motion that, at the moment, we cannot perceive.


The London Tattoo Circus 2020 is an opportunity for people to come together in a communal, creative context to target the realities and concept of prisons

Throughout a weekend of tattooing, circus, and music, there will be workshops, performances, and talks with a shared focus on anti-prison struggle and (prisoner) solidarity. All money raised will go towards those effected by and defying prison society.

The first Tattoo Circus happened in Rome in 2007, and events of the same name are now held in Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Bern, Berlin, Athens, Zurich, Bristol and Madrid, each sharing dangerous ideas and passionate struggles but referring to specific contexts.

When we say we are against the concept of prison, we mean that we are against the forces that routinely brutalise, incarcerate, alienate, pacify and humiliate us, both within and outside the walls of prisons and detention centres.

We believe that the prison is not limited to the internal dynamics of ‘actual prisons’, but characterises the conspiracy between every single technique of systematic domination.

We hope this weekend will be a place where rebellious spirits can find each other, where courage, survival, and visions of freedom can be celebrated, and where resilience against repression sparks – and erupts.

We believe that we can make it happen in this metropolis, which people take incredible risks to reach and exist in. This metropolis, where tens of thousands go to sleep tonight in reinforced boxes at the mercy of a sadistic hierarchy. This metropolis, where those on the outside cannot escape the channels of the smart city; the Internet of Things, facial recognition, drones and transmitters. Where no street goes unterrorised by the police and their subsidiaries, where everyday luxury housing blocks spring up in newly-gentrified neighbourhoods.

In this metropolis, where a ruthless new prison governor has just come into power, it is now more urgent than ever to remember who we are, together.

The event will be held in North London, venue details released closer to the date!

Fancy getting involved? Get in touch to tell us how you would like to

become a part of Tattoo Circus 2020!

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Any sound contribution is valued, but Tattoo Circus will prioritises content by people with lived experience of prison, immigration, sectioning, racism, queer-phobia, criminalisation, sexism and related systematic nastiness.

This site will be updated as we will have more details and specifics. Keep checking this page and get the word out!

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Saturday, 23 May, 2020 (All day)


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A d.i.t benefit event in solidarity with all those targeted, incarcerated, and murdered by prison society. The London Tattoo Circus is an opportunity for people to come together in a communal, creative context to target the realities and concept of prisons.


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