Autonomous Social Cafe - Evenings

Friday, 24 January

Autonomous Social Cafe - Evenings

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*Back to our normal schedule in the Pie 'n' Mash #3 - at 38-40 Deptford High St. You can't miss us!*

The Pie 'n' Mash Squat is open to squatters, anarchists, locals and visitors alike to come and join for a cup of tea, coffee, snacks etc while organising together toward a better world.

Due to the speed with which squats are evicted in London it is hard for groups to advertise their squat for people to visit. However we want to welcome people to come and participate in our space. A handful of us live here but many people from the local neighbourhood participate in the space and it is free for all to come and check out.

We have a freeshop to browse, information on local campaigns and events, a small collection of books to read, boardgames and cardgames to play.

The squat is officially open from 12 - 3pm and 7 - 9pm, but it may be possible to come and visit during the day. Generally if someone is in the door will be open. There may be the odd time when no-one is home, or available to keep the space open, but the more people come and participate the less likely that will be. So come join in.

The space is also available for free hire for workshops or meetings outside of the cafe opening hours. Get in touch.

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Friday, 24 January, 2020 - 19:00 to 21:00


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38-40 Deptford High St
United Kingdom


Presently squatted
70 Deptford High Street
United Kingdom


Presently squatted
203 Deptford High St
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Evicted squat

*Still operating as a radical mutual aid group, we have every intention of reopening a squatted cafe when the time is right - stay safe, and please get in touch to get involved*


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