Pie 'n' Mash Mutual Aid : Peckham Library Square

Tuesday, 5 July

Pie 'n' Mash Mutual Aid : Peckham Library Square

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Since the onset of the coronavirus the Pie 'n' Mash crew closed the doors on our Autonomous Cafe, but in its place we created the Pie 'n' Mash Mutual Aid Centre. Collaborating with The Field, another social centre in South-East London, we are currently providing food and other essentials to hundreds of people who are struggling during this time, sourcing products from local shops, excess stock distributors, and every squatters favourite place, the bins*.  (*every person we assist in made aware of this and is able to choose whether or not to accept food from different sources).

In addition to a weekly delivery on Thursday afternoons, each week we are down at the library squares of both Peckham (Tuesdays), and Deptford (Thursdays) distributing food and other products to locals and friends of the project. This is about maintaining our relationships with the people we've bonded with over the years, but also part of a wider attempt to encourage the anarchist values of mutual aid, to increase awareness of our friends and neighbours' needs and seek to collectively meet them. We are seeking to have a weekly newletter and to provide more links to groups dealing with particular issues to cover more ground.

Please feel free to come down to the square to say hello or collect some food. If you are not in need of help please bring donations so that we can take them to The Field and sanitise and prepare them for distribution the next week. All products we handle are treated with the utmost care with regard to health and safety and we ensure safe distancing at all times while we are out on the street.

If you would like to get in touch about helping to organise in any way please contact us on the phone number below, or send us an email, or addtionally find us on facebook (sorry about that :/ ) at: facebook.com/piemashmutualaid

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Tuesday, 5 July, 2022 - 14:00 to 16:00


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Peckham Library Square
Peckham High St
United Kingdom

*Still operating as a radical mutual aid group, we have every intention of reopening a squatted cafe when the time is right - stay safe, and please get in touch to get involved*


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