Squatting: The Overlooked Tactic of Resistance and Liberation

Tuesday, 28 June

Squatting: The Overlooked Tactic of Resistance and Liberation

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From June – July MDR’s focus is on London’s housing crisis. We are programming a series of events on contemporary Housing Struggles during a post-Covid19 and ongoing global pandemic, post-Brexit and their impacts to our socio-political landscape, alongside the hostile British environment that continues to expand. With soaring prices and continuous violence of privatisation and gentrification in London, how can we learn from past housing struggles to help us resist in the present and build for the future?
This programme of events seek to create space for sharing knowledge and resources on alternatives to existing housing such as Housing Co-ops, as well as knowing your rights if you are renting, revisiting the history of squatting as a tactic of resistance and learning about the importance of spatial and land justice.
Wednesday 29th June, time TBC @ 56a Archive 
What is squatting and its origins? 
Why is  all squatting political ? We are revisiting ‘squatting is part of the housing movement. Practical Squatting histories 1969-2019’  as well as collections held at MDR & 56A . We look into the history of Squatting in Britain, particularly campaigns in London in the 70’s and highlight contributions from women and Black & POC/PGM communities that were part of the movement such as Olive Morris, Liz Obi and the BHAG.Watch this space, event will be promoted on socials and an email will be sent out!

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Tuesday, 28 June, 2022 - 22:00
Mayday Rooms
88 Fleet Street
United Kingdom

MayDay Rooms is an educational charity founded as a safe haven for historical material linked to social movements, experimental culture and the radical expression of marginalised figures and groups. It was set up to safeguard historical material and connect it with contemporary struggle.


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