Day Of Housing Action

Saturday, 8 July

Day Of Housing Action

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Across the UK a day of action for the housing struggle

We are a group of individuals who want to come together on the national Day of Housing Action on the 8th of July. Most of us are squatting and we want to represent ourselves, and fight alongside others precariously housed and unhoused. This includes squatters, rough sleepers, travellers, asylum seekers, migrants, guardians, boaters, subletters, renters, people in temporary accommodation, invisible homeless. Hell, even the leaseholders – for only the UK could come up with a system where people are sold the idea of ownership and still be compelled to pay ongoing charges for the privilege.

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Also the flyer attached below (which doesn't show up as an image unfortunatly, but click it to see) lists some of the organised actions to join, or create your own!

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Saturday, 8 July, 2023 (All day)

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