Radar Workshop - Learn how to use the radar.squat.net events calendar

Saturday, 29 January

Radar Workshop - Learn how to use the radar.squat.net events calendar

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**By popular demand, a second workshop for those who missed it**

London is a radical city, full of events taking place, but people don't know where the hell to find them unless they're already part of certain groups on facebook and the like.
Social media websites rely on people becoming part of social circles and targeting people based on their interests. But it's left to the algorithms as to whether you might see an event or activity come up. Even your searches are affected by these algorithms.

The number of people that have arrived in London not knowing what's going on or where to find radical/anarchist events is somewhat shameful. And the thing is that a resource already exists, and is put to great use in many locations across the globe.
Radar (radar.squat.net) is a great resource, a really powerful events calendar that people can use to find events, and to advertise them to people that are interested and looking (rather than spamming thousands of people on social media that won't pay it no mind). However it is hardly used in London, or in the UK, compared to other European countries.

This event is intended to change that. To introduce people to Radar, how it works, why it's better than privacy-invading social media (for finding events let alone for security reasons), and how to go about setting up accounts and events. Despite the name, it is not just for squatters, or events taking place in squats - it is for all those who feel their activities fit an anarchist or counter-cultural purpose. The more groups and individuals that start to use Radar, the more comprehensive a calendar of radical events in London we can advertise.

Additionally, because squats in the UK get evicted so quickly, it is difficult to build the sort of longevity or structure that other cultural squats across Europe benefit from. Yet there are many people who have been living this way for years. Because of the speed with which squats are evicted, and with London particularly being a very transient city for a lot of people, crews also very rarely remain together in one single format, with people fluidly moving between crews. The notion of a permanent squat crew then is less of a thing and to create a group for every iteration of a crew seems complicated. To make Radar more useful, we have devised a group for posting one-off events that don't rely on having an affiliated organisation to post them to. This will be covered in the workshop.


Due to Covid this will be an online workshop, we will use Jitsi - an open-source video-conferencing software. It is entirely free, and able to be run from a browser without software, or from an app on your smartphone.

If using a smartphone you can download the Jitsi Meet app from the Play Store, Apple Store, or from the open-source F-Droid.

Otherwise you can use a browser without any software download. Join us at: https://meet.jit.si/radarlondon
There will be no password, as we wish anyone to be able to join, and we will not be discussing anything compromising, but please feel free to anonymise yourself and keep your webcam off if you are concerned for your privacy.


We hope to see you there, and to start building a culture of making radical events accessible to radical people in London!

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Saturday, 29 January, 2022 - 13:00 to 15:00


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