Oppose Posie Parker's Fascist Mates

Sunday, 26 March

Oppose Posie Parker's Fascist Mates

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While Posie's out on tour (with neonazis and antiabortionists), her friends at her regular monthly event in London will be meeting. We'll be there too.

Posie is a mega grifter and con artist as well as a real shit in many ways - posieisafascist.com , buddying up with several far-right groups. We aren't gonna let them just have a nice day out.

As always, mask up (grey bloc) and bring your flags and friends. We'll be loud, present and united. If you can't make it, tell your friends - including your cis friends. Show up for each other!

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Sunday, 26 March, 2023 - 11:00


  • action/protest/camp


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LAFA is a grassroots autonomous and non-hierarchichal collection of individuals committed to building a mass anti-fascist movement in London that is accessible and militant.