Book Launch: Dear Lettera 32 by Cat Chong

Friday, 16 February

Book Launch: Dear Lettera 32 by Cat Chong

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Please join us to celebrate the publication of Cat Chong’s ‘Dear Lettera 32’, the first physical publication by PermeableBarrier, an online journal of art and poetry. Cat Chong, one of our most exciting young up and coming poets, will be joined by special guest readers: Nisha Ramayya, JD Howse, Briony Hughes and Kat Sinclair.

Dear Lettera 32, Cat’s second collection, is a text that revels in contradictions, and in doing so gives the lie to our comfortable assumptions about the act of writing in and of itself. Refusing to capitulate to the reassurances of singular address, Cat Chong draws from the world around them to create a kaleidoscope of hope and longing, divinity and corruption, esoterica and hypermodernity. Confessional, lyrical, yet densely packed with theory, Chong uses an encounter with a typewriter as the inspiration for a migration across the possibilities of poetry. The resulting work is a deeply readable yet visually jarring text that evades easy categorisation. Is this an epistolary novel? A diary? A poem? Chong inhabits multiple spaces while rejecting the easy categorisation that any of them might offer, instead opening up their work to the creative possibility of discomfort.

Our Readers:

Cat Chong is a poet whose work considers the intersections between genre, genderqueerness, disability, and chronic illness. Their debut collection 712 stanza homes for the sun was published in 2023 by Broken Sleep Books, and is available to purchase from their website. Cat is currently the digital editor at Osmosis Press, where they publish poetry by a wide variety of writers interested in pushing boundaries and crossing borders. They’re a graduate of the Poetic Practice MA at Royal Holloway, a PhD student at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and visiting PhD fellow at the Institute for Medical Humanities at Durham University. Cat can be found on instagram and twitter @marbledmayhem.

Nisha Ramayya grew up in Glasgow and now lives in London. Her poetry collection States of the Body Produced by Love (2019) is published by Ignota Books. Her second collection will be published by Grantain 2024. Tentatively called Now Let’s Take a Listening Walk, it hazards a musical journey through history, myth, and sci fi.

Briony Hughes teaches poetry at Royal Holloway University, where she is currently completing her PhD. She is Poet in Residence at the University of Surrey, editor at Osmosis Press, and co-edits the poetry feature in Resurgence and Ecologist Magazine. She lives in Berkshire with her partner and their two rabbits.

Kat Sinclair is a poet from Southampton. She is the author of Very Authentic Person (The 87 Press), Please Press (Sad Press), and upcoming publication The Pharmacy.

JD Howse works across poetry, essay, collage, and fiction. He is the author of a number of books including Just Meat Not God, This Is A Dagger, and Noises Again. He runs PermeableBarrier and works as a producer for a publishing company.Sent from my iPhone

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Friday, 16 February, 2024 - 18:00 to 20:30


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