The Gender Politics of the Hard Right: a workshop to educate and build resistance

Tuesday, 1 November

The Gender Politics of the Hard Right: a workshop to educate and build resistance

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In the last year alone, Britain has witnessed renewed attacks on abortion clinics; mobilisations against sex education in schools; Tory leaders​hip contenders competing as to who can appear more transphobic; and demonstrations against Drag Queen Story Hour. Gender is an important front in the war waged by the hard right, from the Conservative Party to fascist groups – from the UK to Poland, Russia to the US. Championing ‘family’ as well as ‘nation’, these hard right movements use misogyny, homophobia and transphobia to cohere their supporters and create moral panics which in turn help to strengthen their nationalism, racism and xenophobia.

Join Feminist Fightback at our workshop to learn more about the gender politics of the hard right, their global networks and how transphobia is linked to attacks on reproductive rights. We want to use this one-day workshop not just to inform ourselves, but also to build a coalition of feminist, queer and trans organisations that can take action to stop the rise of right-wing populism in our government, in our schools and on our streets.

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Tuesday, 1 November, 2022 (All day)


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Golden Lanes community centre
Golden Lane Estate
Fann Street
United Kingdom

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